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Katrina Martin | CEO

We strive for progress.

The Martin Williams Group is an innovative group of companies with a focus on education, training, recruitment, social media and a variety of other endeavours.

With a range of companies based across Australia and Singapore, it is an exciting and unique venture. The focus of the Group for the coming five years is on homeless shelters and other community based needs in this area.


Making a difference through our vision.


Meet our directors.

Kate Martin


As a CEO, director, teacher, trainer and student Kate Martin understands what skills are required to truly be successful in business. Currently completing her PhD, while studying 4 separate university degrees, Kate directs the award winning College for Law Education and Training which has operated as a successful Registered Training Organisation (RTO) for the past ten years.

Additionally to this, Kate has lectured and worked as a tutor in TAFE institutions, universities and private colleges ensuring her teaching ability is professional and based on real life experience. Passionate, engaging and a proven track record for success, Kate Martin truly is an inspiration of what is possible if you apply yourself.

Allen Williams

Managing Director

Allen is a former Australian Federal Police Officer, a NSW Police Special Constable and worked in local, State and Federal Government for more than 23 years, plus worked as a Probation and Parole Officer in ACT and Queensland. Allen has a Bachelor of Adult and Vocational Education, a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and currently completing his Masters of Education (Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation).

Since 2001 Allen has been preparing potential police applicants to perform to the best of their ability in the police selection process throughout Australia, heading up the Justice program at the Gold Coast TAFE, College for Law and Justice Administration (CLJA) and now CLET.

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